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Tavarua is a heart-centric collective named for the Tavarua Island in Fiji where US surfers built a resort and obtained the exclusive rights to surf there in the 1980s. While wealthy tourists staying on the island could enjoy this paradise of nature, others were forbidden to come close. In 2010, the government opened its reefs to everyone, reclaiming the Fijians' entitlement to the ocean and enabling economic opportunities for their people.


Tavarua Collective is similarly inspired by nature and a belief that personal and professional success and fulfillment should be available to all in an equitable and sustainable manner. Our diverse and inclusive team is curated of coaches who are deeply  aligned by our core values of authenticity, humility, humor, generosity and collaboration. We demand excellence, outperform expectations, and have fun doing it. Our unshakeable foundation that people and cultures can change when partnered with the right team has afforded us wonderful opportunities to work with individuals and organizations to create sustainable change. Due to high demand for our coaches, we are selective in our choice of engagements. Our preferred clients are organizations with a growth mindset who seek transformational change and are committed to preserving our planet. If this is you, please reach out to us.


Our logo is designed by a Fijian artist, with its heart-shaped Tavarua island form encompassing both the Koru–a Maori symbol that represents new life and rebirth–and the Matau–which brings good luck, a safe journey, strength and prosperity.

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